Treat and Release


This project tackles the improvement of Treat and Release (T&R) patients’ follow-up care. These patients are those deemed well enough to be discharged from the emergency department (ED) after their assessment, but asked to return in 12 to 72 hours for follow-up care. The main issues for this subset of patients are:

  1. Poorly documented/no documented plan for patient care returning for T&R purposes (e.g., imaging, medication, clinical reassessment).
  2. Charts are missing (no consistent way of keeping them for the next visit), and are not available to the health care provider (HCP) that is providing follow-up care. This limits the ability of the follow-up health-care provider (HCP) to complete the care plan for the patient and often means starting over with a complete assessment.


Project charter   Completion document    Final presentation 


Project lead Victoria Woolner
Team members Lindsay George, Jackie De Leon, Sahand Ensafi
Term of project April-June 2017

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