Dr. Margaret Salmon

Margaret Salmon has academic training in clinical emergency medicine and public health. She received her MD from University of Washington and a Masters in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health where she studied how conflict and complex emergencies affect civilian populations.

Margaret has worked in public health in Kenya, Rajasthan India, Nicaragua and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where she was the research advisor at HEAL Africa in Goma. Margaret is a graduate of the HELP (health emergencies in large populations) course of the International Committee of the Red Cross/Crescent. She designed the Responsibility to Protect workshop and simulation for the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research at Harvard University. More recently, Margaret completed her residency in emergency medicine at University of California San Francisco/San Francisco General Hospital and is now an attending physician with University Health Network.

Dr. Salmon’s current projects include the introduction of ultrasound guided regional anesthesia into places with poor pain management tools and no narcotics and local manufacture of health service consumables. Concerned that it is consumable items that keep healthcare technology from being functional in these settings, her team works to create simple replacement solutions. Products in progress include an interactive map of the African continent with instructions on how to create local ultrasound gel at minimal to no costs from local grains, small alcohol generators which use local fermentable items and hospital point of care testing for drug quality testing. Margaret is also the Principal Investigator of the 11th round Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations Program a call-out to improve the lives of small farmers.

Research Interests
  • Trauma
  • Global health
  • Patient flow
  • Health policy

Current projects

Labor Saving Strategies and Innovations for Women Smallholder Farmers. Bill & Melinda Gates Challenge Grant Round 11 $100,000.00. Study location: Democratic Republic of Congo, Idgwe Island

Dr. Salmon is also investigating the cost-effectiveness of regional anesthesia in low resource settings (with in-kind funding from Sonosite/Fuji), point of care drug quality and active agent quantity in low resource settings, and point of care ultrasound in low resource settings.

Top citations

  1. Doniger SJ, Salmon M, Lewiss RE. Point-of-Care Ultrasonography for the Rapid Diagnosis of Intussusception: A Case Series. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2016;32(5):340-342.
  2. Kalisya LM, Salmon M, Manwa K, et al. The state of emergency care in Democratic Republic of CongoAfrican Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2015.
  3. Salmon M, Salmon C, Bissinger A, et al. Alternative Ultrasound Gel for a Sustainable Ultrasound Program: Application of Human Centered DesignPLoS One. 2015;10(8):e0134332.
  4. Muller MM, Salmon M, Salmon C, et al. Utilisation of Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) in a referral hospital in an acute conflict zoneAfrican Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2015;5(1):7-11.
  5. Salmon M, Doniger SJ. Ingested foreign bodies: a case series demonstrating a novel application of point-of-care ultrasonography in childrenPediatr Emerg Care. 2013;29(7):870-873.
  6. Salmon M, Salmon C, Benfield N, et al. An ACCESS Guide for ICT Training in Information and Research Tools in Low Resource SettingsInternational Journal of Technology, Knowledge & Society. 2013;9(1).
  7. Daulaire S, Fine L, Salmon M, et al. Ultrasound assessment of optic disc edema in patients with headacheAm J Emerg Med. 2012;30(8):1654 e1651-1654.


  • Salmon M, Salmon C, Muller M, Bukulo C, Malemo L, Reynolds T. Feasibility, perceived utility and sustainability of training local providers in ultrasound guided regional anesthesia in limited resource conflict settings. Pain, 8/2014 Submitted
  • Salmon M, Sloan A, Dewitt D, Herring A. Supraclavicular block for upper extremity analgesia in emergency department . Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 08/1 Submitted

Read more about Dr. Salmon’s research here… 

Dr. Salmon currently has opportunities for the following trainees:

  • Medical Student
  • Undergraduate

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